Why You Might Need a Montgomery County Criminal Lawyer

Most people would never consider themselves to be criminals feel like they won’t ever need a criminal lawyer. You don’t have to be a planning to murder someone or have a hidden liquor still to be a criminal. If a person is involved in an accident in which another party is killed, he or she could very well be charged with manslaughter. If a person has attended the office party and had one too many drinks, it could result in a drunk driving charge. There are many ways in which a person can be involved in a crime.

If a person lives in Philadelphia or anywhere surrounding, he or she could need a Montgomery County Criminal Lawyer if charged with a crime. When referring to Montgomery County, or Montco, as the locals call it, it includes areas such as Philadelphia, Camden, Wilmington, Upper Hanover, and Norristown (which is the county seat). The top crimes that permeate the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania are assault, robbery, rape and murder, respectively. Perhaps the average person may not commit one of these crimes, but the chances of needing a Montgomery County Criminal Lawyer are still high.

As an example, many people get DUIs in Pennsylvania. A DUI is not the type of charge one would want to try to fight alone, especially if the DUI is a second offense. Looking at the penalties for a second offense, the driver could get anywhere from five days to six months jail time. He or she could have their driver’s license suspended for a year and end up paying a fine in the range of $300 to $2500. The driver will also have an igntion interlock device during the restricted license period.

KMKM Law Group is a team of criminal attorneys who offer a Montgomery County Criminal Lawyer for clients in need. Located in the Montgomery county area, the lawyers serve the clients in two facets of the law: personal injury and criminal law. Examples of the personal injury and criminal law include, but are not limited to, drunk driving accidents, product liability, possession of firearms illegally, and murder. If you need their services for a Montgomery County Criminal Lawyer, visit their website at.

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