Why It Is Beneficial to Work with a Criminal Defense Attorney in Belvidere

The criminal justice system involves various agencies and individuals working together to fight crime and bring justice to the courtroom. After being arrested, it is beneficial to work closely with a criminal defense attorney in Belvidere, IL, to prevent a criminal conviction.

The first thing a criminal defense attorney in Belvidere, IL, will do is investigate the charges against you. They will review official reports, examine physical evidence, talk with witnesses, and visit the alleged crime scene. Their goal is to find inconsistencies, gaps in proof, or holes in the evidence that could give rise to reasonable doubt.

An attorney will scrutinize the conduct of the arresting officer. If the lawyer can prove that your constitutional rights were violated or the evidence was unlawfully obtained, your case may be thrown out before it goes to trial.

It is almost impossible for an individual who is not trained in the law to know all their rights or when their rights are being violated. An attorney will stand between you and the government. They understand the complicated procedures that govern criminal cases.

Another aspect of their work is developing a theory of defense. For example, they may be able to establish an alibi to prove that you were not at the scene of the crime. Or they may be able to prove that the eyewitnesses are unreliable.

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