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Why Experience Matters When Hiring Warehouse Grow Room Design Consultants

The rapid growth in the legalization of cannabis and the resulting grow facilities in states across the nation have dramatically increased the demand for cannabis engineers and warehouse grow room design experts and consultants.

Unfortunately, a lot of people have put up websites or marketed in cannabis publications offering their services for warehouse grow room design. Not all of these individuals have experience, expertise, or knowledge of either design or cannabis growth on a commercial level.

A Different Set of Problems

Many of these people do have experience with small scale marijuana grow operations, some of which have been successful with garage types of grow operations. However, it does not work to simply upscale these home grow operations into a workable and effective warehouse grow room design.

Choosing a consulting company that offers both engineers and designers that specialize in the cannabis industry is always the best option. Take the time to review the company and look at its past projects and work portfolio.

More Than Design

In addition to the ability to design the cannabis facility, look for consulting and engineering firms that can assist with choosing equipment, setting up all required safety protocols, and ensuring all compliance issues are in place for the facility.

These professionals have the ability to work with you from the ground up with the grow operation. They understand the optimal configurations, the best systems, and the necessary equipment to allow you to begin producing and earning revenue without having delays or unexpected costs.

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