Why Do I Need Corner Guards?

In a busy commercial setting, meeting customers’ needs may be your main focus, but keeping your establishment clean and safe is just as important. One of the most effective ways to achieve this in a high-impact or medium-impact area involves using corner guards. These guards have a wide range of benefits in several environments, ranging from hospitals and loading docks to parking garages, restaurants, and food-processing areas.

Why Should I Use Corner Guards?
Your building may benefit from corner guards if you use heavy equipment that must be maneuvered around a tight corner or along a narrow passageway on a regular basis. This is because your heavy equipment at some point will end up striking your building’s corners and walls, causing damage. Guards will protect your walls and corners in addition to protecting your equipment from damage. This translates to cost savings, as you don’t have to repair or replace chipped or cracked drywall. These guards will additionally keep your building looking attractive.

Stainless Steel Corner Guards
If you work in a setting such as a hospital, sanitation area or kitchen, you may prefer stainless steel guards. These 90-degree-angle products are not only durable but also provide for an attractive, modern look in your work environment. You can choose from 4-foot or 8-foot lengths as well as 16-guage or 18-guage options. Also, some guards are flanged while others are straight. Both polished and brushed versions are also available to suit your personal style.

Aluminum Corner Guards
If you want your work environment to look high-tech or industrial, aluminum guards are an ideal choice. These guards protect plaster, brick and drywall corners as well as any corners of freezers, refrigerators or industrial machines that are exposed. Different lengths are available to fit your needs, including 4-foot, 6-foot, 8-foot and 12-foot options, or a provider of guards may be able to create custom guards for you. You can also choose guards with a certain finish, such as a mill finish, anodized bronze or black finish, or an anodized satin clear finish, to make your work area stand out from day to day.

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