Why Choose Sandstone for Your Next Project?

Natural materials are often chosen for landscaping and construction projects because of their appearance and quality. It’s no different with sandstone which is also known for its durability. There isn’t any maintenance required after it’s delivered by sandstone suppliers in Canaan, CT and it will darken a little over the years giving it more character as it ages. There are many reasons to choose sandstone over some of the other available choices.

Reasons to Choose Sandstone

Granite and limestone are also commonly used along with sandstone. Sandstone suppliers in Canaan, CT find more ordering sandstone for a variety of reasons including:

  • It is lighter and not as expensive as granite

  • It is chemically inert

  • Tends to darken over time whereas limestone fades and loses its color

  • Easier to use a hand tool on that limestone or granite

  • Can offer more coverage/ton than limestone or granite either one

  • Bonds to mortar easier because of its porous surface

  • Doesn’t react to acid rain or other poisons in the atmosphere that typically chemically degrade stone surfaces

  • It is not slippery when it gets wet

  • De-icing during the winter months doesn’t damage it

  • It is often used for sculptures because of its aesthetic beauty

Sandstone for Construction Projects

Along with the general reasons to choose sandstone from suppliers in Canaan CT rather than other materials for construction projects. Its durability is perhaps the number one reason to choose it. It is also less expensive than granite or marble which is beneficial in larger projects in particular. It’s easy to get it and easily installed. Because it is so durable and hardy, it can last a lot longer than other substances.

If you are ready to order a load of sandstone from sandstone suppliers in Canaan, CT visit the Century Aggregates website. We offer high quality materials for your landscaping and construction projects.

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