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Why Choose Public Schools in Saint Paul MN For Your Kids

The topic of whether to send your young one to private or public schools in Saint Paul, MN, is common among families. This is especially true in urban or inter-city areas. It’s important to assess all the enrollment options for your kids including public schools, charter schools and private schools.

When families look at all the options, they typically find that public schools or public charter schools tick the box when it comes to lifelong learning, self-governance, social justice, and financial responsibility. If you are still thinking of whether to take your kid to public schools in Saint Paul, MN, here are sufficient and convincing reasons to do so:

Quality Education

Public schools are more likely to offer gifted and talented along with remedial programs in order to meet the needs of all students. Teachers are required to be certified educational instructors and many times that includes having a Master’s degree.

Learn About Diversity

Public schools include learners from all walks of life. The student demographic will be diverse and consist of different backgrounds. This also means that they will learn to live as a community of different cultural, racial, sexual, and religious groups. Plus, they will know how to accommodate differences in opinions based on one’s background, a character that’s useful for their future interactions and development.


Compared to privatized schools, the public option is cheaper and more affordable. This is because public schools are run by the state and federal governments which subsidizes the tuition fees. For parents, this provides significant relief to their pockets and financial well-being.

Laura Jeffrey Academy is a tuition-free public middle school that offers quality and inclusive learning to all children. To learn more about our school, visit them.

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