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Why Add Retaining Walls in Brookfield, WI?

Why do homeowners add retaining walls in Brookfield WI? Wisconsin is not flat in many areas. When a home is built in a neighborhood with hills and uneven areas, there may be drainage or soil retention problems. No one wants the hill behind their home to slide into their well-groomed yard when there is heavy rain. And, they do not want their yard to wash away when neighboring land is lower than theirs. Retaining walls and other landscaping structures and drainage solutions can help with these problems.

Hardscape Solutions

Hardscaping projects include paver projects, retaining walls, stepped hillsides, outdoor fireplaces, and more. Screen porches, patios, sunrooms, pergolas, and other projects can make a plain yard into wonderful, attractive living and entertaining space.

The first step in any landscape project is to take care of lot grading, drainage, and stabilization. Much of this requires expertise and large equipment. But, this work forms the bones of the landscape and will determine its success.

Once the preliminary work is done, the attractive landscape features can be added, areas sodded, and flowers, trees, and shrubs planted. Patios and paths can be built with stone or cement tiles and poured areas. That patio can include a low stone or block wall that serves as a bench, a fire pit or outdoor fireplace, and outdoor lighting. Some people love outdoor kitchens. Others want a bug-free, protected room such as a sunroom or a screened porch. The patio can be open or have a roof to protect users from direct sun or rain.

Living Things

If the landscape area is large enough, it is possible to add water features such as lily ponds or aquascapes with or without fish. Stone planters can hold flowers that add bight color. Trees add shade and beauty. The trees can be for looks only or they can be fruit trees that are appropriate for the area. Some areas can be covered with sod and others with ground cover plants. Some areas may be covered with crushed rock or pebbles.

Children’s Play Areas

Families with children may want a nice large play area with outdoor play equipment. This area may be fenced in or open to the rest of the landscape. Some families opt for dug in or above ground swimming pools. A good landscape company can provide all of this. Contact us for more ideas or to discuss retaining walls in Brookfield WI.

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