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Why Access Control in Bowling Green KY Makes Sense

When it comes to protecting the workplace, the locks used for all exterior doors must be durable. Taking it one step further, those locking mechanisms should also make it easier to know who is coming and going. The best possible option is to consider a system that provides access control in Bowling Green KY.

Understanding The Basics of Access Control:

This particular approach to building security does not depend on the use of keys. Instead, different designs make use of a keypad that enables authorized users to enter a pre-determined code in order to unlock the door. Another approach is to utilize a specially coded access card that is related specifically to that user. Without the use of that card or the appropriate code, entry is denied.

Why Is This Approach Better Than Keys?

Access control in Bowling Green KY offers benefits that standard keys cannot. Keys can be easily stolen or duplicated. This significantly reduces the level of security found in the building. In addition, employees who are terminated may or may not return all of their keys. That also represents a serious security risk. By having a security company in Bowling Green KY install an access control system, all of these potential pitfalls are eliminated. When an employee is fired, his or her code can be immediately deactivated. If a card is used for access, it will only take a few seconds to log into a control system, identify the card assigned to that former employee, and deactivate it. From that point on, neither the code nor the card will allow entry into the building. Another important benefit is that access control systems are set to collect data. That means it is possible to generate reports about who entered and who left the building within specified time frames. The administrator of the system does not necessarily have to be on site in order to check those logs, or to activate or deactivate entry codes. Thanks to the designs on the market today, all these functions can be accessed remotely. This means if there is a need to take immediate action, the administrator can do so without having to make a trip to the facility.

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