Who Should Get Dental Implants?

Some people end up with missing teeth and want to make their smile more appealing. The first thing they think about is getting a dental implant. However, dental implants aren’t for everyone. Furthermore, the type of implant that one will qualify for depends on the state of the dental condition. If you’re considering getting implants in Lakeview, learn when this type of treatment is appropriate.

A Quick Look at Dental Implants

Essentially, a dental implant is just an artificial tooth. These replacement teeth include a crown that’s made from ceramic. The other part of the implant is the abutment. This piece is used to attach the implant to the jaw bone. In some cases, implants are also attached to a bridge. When the process is done, an implant will look just like a natural tooth. Therefore, it’s a great option for people who have lost a tooth for some reason.

The Different Categories of Implants

Not all implants are the same. There are two different classes of dental implants. The first type of implant is called an endosteal implant. This means that the device is inserted into the bone. Each endosteal fixture can contain one or more teeth. This is the implant that you’re most likely to get.

The second type of implant is known as a subperiosteal implant. This class of dental implant sits on top of the jaw bone with the help of a metal frame. They’re not as common as endosteal models, but they’re just as effective.

Which Patients Can Get Implants?

Only people with certain conditions should consider getting a dental implant. In general, you need to have the following characteristics:

Healthy gums and bones
Sufficient bone surface for the attachment
One or more missing teeth

Although there are not many requirements to get an implant, your periodontist must make sure that your general health is good. This is because you’ll need to undergo a surgical procedure to install the implant. In most cases, you must also be free of periodontal disease.

Getting Assistance with Implants

First, you need to be examined by a licensed periodontist to see if you should get an implant. Family Dental Care can assist you in this regard. Find out more about getting dental implants in Lakeview by visiting

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