When to Hire a Probation Violation Lawyer in Philadelphia?

Many people who go through the criminal justice system get probation as part of their sentences. Some have convictions that result in no jail at all. This is advantageous for both the criminal justice system and defendants. The overcrowded court system and prisons are too crowded to process everyone. Defendants can stay out of jail and prison by taking probation. However, there are numerous conditions when getting probation. Probation violations can often occur unintentionally. If the probation violation is not dealt with, there is a good chance that the judge will revoke the probation. That will result in jail or prison. That is when it is a good idea to hire a Probation Violation Lawyer In Philadelphia.

A common reason why many people end up having their probation revoked is the failure to take or pass drug tests. It is very important for defendants to show up at the drug testing site when requested. The drug testing program requires participants to show up promptly so that there are valid results. Law enforcement knows that delays in drug testing can help defendants get a negative result after the use of narcotics. That is why it is very important to show up on time. If there is a probation violation due to a missed or failed drug test, a lawyer may be able to argue that the defendant deserves a second chance due to mitigating circumstances such as family problems. This is difficult for an unrepresented defendant to argue successfully since there is often very little toleration for a missed or a failed drug test.

Another common reason for a probation violation is failure to show up at a specific place and time such as meetings with a probation officer. Life events such as flat tires can cause defendants to miss meetings with probation officers. Unfortunately, there are serious consequences for missing appointments with probation officers such as incarceration. When this happens, it is a good idea to hire an attorney as soon as possible. The lawyer can often convince the judge that the probation violation will not happen again. An attorney often knows what can convince a judge to continue the probation rather than to revoke it. That is why a lawyer that specializes in probation violations can be very helpful to those who committed probation violations. Click here for more information.



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