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When the Weather Gets Hot, You Need Air conditioner Repair in San Antonio

When an Air conditioning system develops faults or breaks down, there is very little you can do on your own to fix the problem. Though it might be possible to carry out some basic air conditioner repair services, seeking help from a professional air conditioning company is the recommended option. An air conditioner service company is comprised of a team of technicians with modern equipment able to handle both complex and simple systems. Texans know that if you need Air conditioner repair in San Antonio there are companies that offer services round the clock and are always a call away. In order to benefit fully from the repair and cleaning services, it is important to know what can potentially cause problems.

Dirty air filter: Duct work often builds up dirt when it is deposited in small quantities over time. This is largely caused by dirty air filters that are not cleaned regularly. The situation can be dangerous for your health as dirty air finds its way into your living area. Replacing the entire duct work can be costly when compared to replacing a simple air filter. Maintaining a cleaning and repair program with a company that specializes in Air conditioner repair in San Antonio will reduce the maintenance cost. Low on refrigerant: Due to leakage, the refrigerant or freon can run low affecting the operation of the system. Replacing refrigerant is a simple task for a technician who will also identify the cause of the leakage and perform the necessary repair.

A Frozen inside coil: This is a common problem with AC units during summer months. The common causes include low refrigerant and less air moving through the duct work. The problem can be avoided through regular inspection of the filters, fan and freon.Outside fan failure: The exchange of inside hot air and cool air from outside is controlled by an outside fan connected to the system. When the outside fan stops running, the process of air exchange is broken causing the air compressor to overheat. The system trips and stops working to prevent further damage on the compressor. Loose power connections can also cause the fan to fail. Regular inspections and repair work can easily help fix the problem without incurring major damage.

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