What You Should Know About Supplement Security Income Benefits

SSI or Supplemental Security Income benefits disabled children and adults. The program offers financial benefits for individuals without a work history. To apply for SSI, a disabled adult or the parents of a disabled child can complete an application. However, the claim and medical documentation must show that the claimant cannot work because of the condition. Discussing the disability with an attorney helps clients appeal denials for SSI in Norfolk, VA.

Is Everyone Turned Down the First Time?

No, not every claim is denied for SSI the first time they apply. However, the strength of the evidence is a determining factor. The Social Security Administration must obtain comprehensive medical files from the claimant’s doctor. These records must show an eligible condition, an inability to work, and how the disability affects the individual.

Educational Records for Children

Disabled children receiving school assistance through special education could qualify for SSI. You would need to get an IEP report from your child’s teacher to show a learning disability or condition affecting their educational achievements. Conditions such as ADD, ADHD, bipolar disorder, and autism affect how your child learns and their ability to work as adults. You should include these records in your child’s application for SSI in Norfolk, VA.

SSI for Adults

Adults without a work history qualify for Supplemental Security Income if they have a long-term or life-long disability. The condition must prevent them from doing any job in any industry. During an SSI appeal, an educational specialist reviews different positions and determines what jobs, if any, the person could perform with their existing disability.

Claimants denied SSI benefits could appeal to the court to reconsider their decision. Filing an appeal requires legal counsel to help the claimant present their case to the judge. Contact O’Neil and Bowman Disability Group if you were denied SSI benefits and need legal help.

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