What You Should Know About Neurofeedback

You may have heard of biofeedback, but like many people, neurofeedback in Denver, CO may be a new concept. Basically, this procedure does for the brain what biofeedback does for the rest of the body. When someone is recovering from an illness or simply wants to improve their general health, they will want to have their pulse measured to ensure their heart is working as it should. With Denver, CO neurofeedback, the processes of the brain are analyzed and patients can actually “train” their brain to work as it should.

How Does It Work?

Neurofeedback works through computer technology and measures brain waves. These are electrical signals in your brain that allow it to function. The brain sends messages to the rest of the body through these brain waves, and the technology can detect where these signals are going and how efficiently they are being delivered.

Patients who undergo neurofeedback in Denver, CO start with having sensors attached to their scalp to measure brain activity. The doctors measure and track the brain activity with this information and can learn a great deal about brain functioning in a brief time.

What Can Be Done With Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback in Denver, CO can help doctors spot problems in the brain functioning. They can pinpoint and visualize exactly how the issues are happening and can actually, in some cases, work with the patient to change the way the brain works. Sounds can indicate when the brain is working well and when it isn’t. Patients can practice using their brains more efficiently with this kind of technology. In addition, doctors can also see what areas of the brain need to be corrected through surgery or other procedures if needed.

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