Drug Addiction

What Type of Rehabilitation is Best for You?

If you are in the midst of a drug or alcohol addiction, things are likely chaotic and confusing as your life appears to be crumbling around you. Perhaps you have reached a low, and you are finally ready to take steps toward recovery. However, the process of finding a Los Angeles Rehab center may be even more overwhelming. With a number of options and approaches, the task may be more intimidating then your addiction. There are a few things that might make it easier in deciding on the best treatment for you.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment

Inpatient treatment is considered one of the most effective forms of treatment, and participants in these programs report substantially higher success rates particularly if they stay between 60 and 90 days. During these programs, individuals stay in a facility 24 hours a day for the given period of treatment. The approach usually begins with a period of detoxification during which the substance slowly cleansed from the body. After this, patients will receive in depth medical and psychological treatment. The goal of these programs is to treat both the physical and mental roots of the addiction, ensuring longer-term success. Often, approaches are customized to the individual. There are several Los Angeles rehab facilities that offer specific focuses on holistic medicine, teens or gender.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Inpatient programs can present high-costs and substantially time commitments. While this is good for some individuals, it does not fit everyone’s needs. Outpatient care is substantially cheaper than on location programs, and they can often work around professional schedules. There are a variety of approaches to outpatient care. Typically, it will start with a counseling meeting during which the best course of action will be determined. Individuals will then attend a particular number of meetings and support groups over a given period of time. While these treatments can be customized and can be effective, there is a greater chance for relapse. A number of Los Angeles rehab facilities offer these services.

Extended Care

The effects of addiction can follow you long after you have received treatment, and it can be substantially difficult to return to life after both inpatient and outpatient treatment has been completed. However, a number of institutions offer continued options for care. Individuals can choose drug and alcohol free housing, continued therapy and other services. The extent of on-going treatment is largely dependent on the severity of the addiction, but any amount of continued support is essential to on-going success.

There are a number of Los Angeles rehab centers. While this may be overwhelming, figuring out what you need from treatment and where to go can set you on the right path. Begin your recovery with an effective Los Angeles rehab facility.

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