Alcohol Rehab Changes Lives

by | Dec 21, 2015 | Drug Addiction

When you or one of your loved ones has been battling an alcohol problem, comprehensive and quality supportive treatment can change the course of your lives. Multidimensional programs are available to address all of your needs during and after treatment. It is important to know what type of help you or your family member will receive, and the benefits, when you are looking for a setting for Malibu alcohol rehab.

Management of Medical Health

A large part of a successful treatment program is the assessment, care and monitoring of physical health. The human body can be very comprised by the effects of alcohol, and an initial thorough examination, as well as monitoring and managing issues with detoxification is one of the first major steps of a rehabilitation program.

Family Involvement

The role of family during Malibu alcohol rehab cannot be understated. With the integration of intervention, assessment and treatment dynamics including process groups, recommendations, and family education, the benefits of involvement promote long-term success. This plays a strong role in helping to understand actions and provide new techniques to best help you or your family member.

Preventing a Relapse

After the initial treatment period, a person suffering from an addiction can be vulnerable to a relapse. This is an issue that can be addressed head-on with positivity, but needs proper preparation and insight. A cognitive-behavioral approach will be highly emphasized to deal with difficult situations that could precipitate a relapse. Having these types of coping skills and learning alternate choices to prevent compulsive or high-risk behavior is a key focus of the program.

The Importance of Aftercare

Preparing to return home and the opportunity of follow-up activities after Malibu alcohol rehab enhances success and provides a quality support system. A goal in the multidimensional program is for the individual to have an understanding of the network of support and what the home, work and social environment will look like when he or she returns. After a graduation, you or your family member will also have access to weekly alumni conference calls, opportunities to volunteer or intern, and quarterly returns for alumni events.

During Malibu alcohol rehab, a multidimensional approach to treatment during and after the program creates a supportive environment and the skill sets for success. Malibu alcohol rehab can help you or your family member through a very difficult time with the management of medical health, family involvement, preventing a relapse, and aftercare plans for a significant and positive life change.

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