What to Look for While Test Driving Mazda Vehicles in Minooka

You have done all your research. You know exactly which models to test drive and examine when visiting a Mazda dealership in Minooka. However, you may not know what you should be looking for once you arrive at the dealership.

First, don’t rush into the test drive when you visit a Mazda dealership in Minooka. You should give a car that you are interested in a thorough once over. A few things you should look for include oil leaks, unusual wear on moving parts, and balding tires. You should be sure the power lock doors, key fobs, and windows operate properly. You should make sure the trunk, doors, and hood open and close smoothly.

Next, you should get in the driver’s seat. You can make sure the radio works. However, you don’t want to be distracted by it while doing the test drive. Listen closely to the engine. Take note if it is idling high or making any unusual sounds. You should press on the brakes and pull the emergency brake. Take note if anything feels spongy or if there is resistance.

As you drive the car, pay attention to how it shifts. You should be concerned if there is a lot of noise coming from the transmission. Make sure you drive the vehicle at low and high speeds.

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