What to Expect from Crime Scene Clean-Up in Oregon

Violent crimes often leave behind biohazards to clean up. After the police investigation closes, property owners are responsible for cleaning up the aftermath. When you need crime scene clean up in Oregon, you should know what to expect from a qualified cleaning company.

Assess the Scene

The first step in crime scene clean up in Oregon is a complete assessment. Their team evaluates the crime scene and determines the project’s scope. In many cases, the area extends beyond where the crime took place. Biohazard particles can travel throughout the property, requiring careful cleaning in an expanded space. Once they know what needs cleaning, they can start the process.

Carpets, Floorboards, and Walls

Blood stains and other biohazards often contaminate the crime area’s carpets, floorboards, and walls. Even the best company for crime scene clean up in Oregon can’t get biohazards out of carpeting. The carpeting is often removed and replaced to avoid leaving traces behind. Hard surfaces like floorboards and walls are scrubbed and sanitized to remove traces and ensure a clean, healthy environment.

A Deep Cleaning

After focusing on the carpets, floorboards, and walls, your cleaning company will perform a deep crime scene clean up in Oregon. They use industrial-grade cleaning agents with state-of-the-art equipment to clean every nook and cranny in the affected area. Without professional cleaning, you will likely miss critical contaminants, leading to health problems. Their team will ensure your property is safe and livable.

If you need crime scene clean up in Oregon, visit the Bio Management Northwest website to schedule a consultation.

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