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What is the Best Floor to Live on in an Apartment Building?

When searching for luxury apartments in Midtown NYC, one of the main questions possible tenants ask is what is the best floor to live on when moving into an apartment building? While you are searching for the perfect apartment for you, read on below for some of the pros and cons of living on each floor of an apartment building.

Living on the Top Floor


  • Less chance of having unwanted pests and having things stolen from your apartment
  • Less noise from footsteps above or below you
  • Heating bills will be less in the winter because heat tends to rise


  • Especially if you have no elevator, carrying groceries or moving heavy things can be aggravating
  • Of course, hot air rises, so your cooling bills will be higher
  • Be careful of the noise you make, there are neighbors below you.

Living on the Middle Floor


  • Since you live between two floors, your heating and cooling bills should be steady
  • No noise from the street
  • Not as many stairs to take to get to the top floor


  • You will have neighbors above, around, and below you
  • Can be a little tougher getting things upstairs but not as bad as living on the top floor

Living on the Bottom Floor


  • No stairs, no elevator so moving in and carrying groceries should be pretty simple to do
  • No one below you, so you don’t have to be careful of moving your furniture in the middle of the night if you choose too
  • Since hot air rises, your bills should be cheaper in the sweltering heat of summer
  • Easier and faster to get outside


  • Living on the first floor gives you more of a chance of being invaded by pests
  • Higher level of noise from the outside and upstairs neighbors
  • Higher heating bills in the winter months
  • A greater risk of a crime happening to you than if you live on the higher floors

These are just some of the pros and cons to consider when trying to decide which floor of an apartment building to live on when you are trying to move. Do your research and determine which is the best for you. If you have children it’s a good idea to try to get on the lower floor if possible, for the safety of the children.

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