What Is The Average Cost Of Hair Replacement In Dallas?

Today more than ever, the market is flooded with thousands of beauty products with a significant percentage promising, youthful rejuvenation. Plenty of these products promise to restore lost hair. But are they effective? One sure effective way of restoring lost hair is through a hair transplant. That got you interested, and we bet the next question in your mind is, “How much does Dallas hair replacement cost?”

How much does a hair transplant treatment cost?

While there is typically no clear-cut answer to this question, many will give an estimate of about $4000 to $15000 for Dallas hair replacement. Most of these costs are derived from out of the pocket as many insurance companies don’t cover cosmetic procedures. Why is the cost range so huge? The charges of hair replacement are dependent on the following factors.

Location of the clinic

The relative cost of living in the area where the hair transplant clinic is located affects the treatment charges indirectly.

The type of procedure you desire

There are two types of surgical Dallas hair replacement procedures: Follicular Unit Transplantation and Follicular Unit Extraction. The latter is thought to be generally more complex; hence you expect a higher cost for the treatment.

Level of hair loss

Mild hair loss requires a few patches to get the job done. Severe balding and hair loss requires complex treatment that translates to the charge sheet. The more severe the hair loss, the more you expect to pay.

If you aren’t sure about the hair replacement treatment, we are here to iron out the facts. Call YAKER Hair Restoration + Med Spa (Joseph R.Yaker, MD) now to book an appointment as you browse our site to learn more about us.

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