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What Is Involved in Trap Cleaning in Magnolia TX?

A grease trap, just as the name suggests, is put in place in restaurants to separate the fats from the water, so the line does not become clogged. Grease traps need to be properly cleaned and maintained or they can become clogged. With this information, restaurant owners and managers will learn how a plumber handles Trap Cleaning in Magnolia TX.

What Should Restaurant Owners Know?

In most cases, a restaurant’s grease trap will need to be cleaned out every one to three months, depending on the size of the restaurant and how much food is produced on a daily basis. The following offers important information on Trap Cleaning in Magnolia TX.

There are multiple steps involved in properly cleaning a grease trap. If the work is not carried out to exacting specifications, the components can break down quickly and the restaurant owner will find a lot of plumbing problems on their hands.

The entire grease trap will need to be broken down, so all of the parts can be cleaned. The plumber will measure the depth of the grease and debris, and the results will be recorded in the restaurant’s Fatty Oil and Grease Pump Out report. This report is required by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Every component of the trap must be emptied and then carefully cleaned. The plumber will take time in making sure all of the grease and debris have been removed and all surface areas are thoroughly clean.

Signs of a Full Grease Trap

There are a few different signs that can begin to occur when a grease trap needs to be emptied. Ignoring these warning signs will lead to major plumbing issues.

  • The drains will likely begin to drain slower than normal.
  • The kitchen area may begin to emit a foul odor.
  • The drains become completely clogged.

If you would like to learn more about the services of grease trap cleaning, visit website domain. They will take care of the chores of thoroughly cleaning your grease trap, so clogs do not begin to occur. Call them right away if you are noticing any of the above signs. You can also visit them on Twitter for more information.

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