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What is a Patent and What Is The Application Process Like To Get One

What Exactly is a Patent and What Can it Do?

A patent is a right that’s granted for an invention or idea. It offers inventors temporary protection over any invention, whether it’s a new machine, product, or process. Those who apply must provide information about their invention for the public to read.

What Protection Can a Patent Give You?

Once granted, a patent gives you ownership rights to your innovation. In short, your idea cannot be mass produced nor can it be sold or imported without your consent. Others cannot use it for any reason without your permission.

Should You Seek Legal Assistance When Applying?

In the United States, legal assistance is optional. However, given the complexity of state and federal laws regarding patents, it is highly recommended. A team of patent attorneys in Jacksonville, FL can help you understand patent laws and regulations. They can help you navigate the details and walk you through the application process.

What Wilson Dutra Law Can Do

Wilson Dutra Innovation Law can help. Their patent attorneys in Jacksonville, FL have sound knowledge about the application process. They can help you with your draft application and provide you with sufficient information during the process.

There is a complimentary patent process guide which explains how everything works. It shows you how you can protect your patent once you’re approved. Visit Wilson Dutra Innovation Law today to learn more.

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