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Take the Fear Out of College with Indiana University Off-Campus Housing

Everyone tells you how exciting and fun going away to school for the first time is, but you probably have a few worries when it comes to where you’ll be staying. Dorm life is okay, but it’s nicer to have a place that feels more like home. Off-campusIndiana University student Apartments provide you with a comfortable room as well as many wonderful amenities.

Your Room

If sharing a small, cramped room with a stranger seems a little intimidating, these off-campus apartments allow you a way to enjoy your own private bedroom. You’ll even have a private bathroom, so you don’t have to carry your shower caddy.

Meeting New People

You’ll share the living area portion of your apartment with roommates that you are sure to become friends with. There’s an onsite swimming pool and hot tub where students can gather, as well as a clubhouse, lounge, and game room. Social events are periodically arranged for residents and their friends.


In-unit laundries make it easy to keep your clothes and bedding clean. You’ll also have a fully furnished kitchen, complete with a microwave and dishwasher. The high-speed internet is perfect when it comes to your studies, and it allows you to stay connected to everyone back home.

In addition to all of these great features, Indiana University student apartments offer a shuttle bus to the campus and 24-hour onsite management. Visit Reserve on the Third at to learn more about this housing.

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