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What Happens if a Defendant on Bail in Washington County Doesn’t Show?

It can be a very noble thing to help a friend or loved one obtain a bail to get out of jail. A bail bond company in Washington County will be delighted to help you achieve that. However, you have to be sure that you’re assisting someone who is trustworthy enough not to skip bail. Here’s what can happen if he or she does:

The Judge Will Issue a Warrant

The judge will most likely issue a warrant immediately for the defendant’s arrest. They will start looking for that person ASAP for running away.

The Defendant Will Get More Time

The court may add additional charges to the ones the defendant already has to face. The penalties for those extra charges might be harsh.

Future Bail Bonds Will Be Denied

Your loved one will probably never be able to get help from a bail bond company in Washington County again if he or she skips bail. The bail bond companies will not be willing to risk losing their money again.

You Might Lose Your Collateral

One of the worst things that might happen is that you will lose your collateral. That could crush you if you put something up like your house or car.

Just use good judgment when you think about helping someone get out of jail. Make sure it’s someone who cares deeply about your collateral as well as their freedom.

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