What Comes After the 2017 Solar Eclipse?

by | Jan 2, 2018 | Eyeglasses

The solar eclipse of August 2017 was a very special event. Many people witnessed something they had never seen before. It’s not very often that the moon’s shadow passes in front of the sun and creates darkness in the daytime. These events are very special because they are rare and maybe you were too busy during the 2017 event, or the weather did not cooperate. If so, you won’t have to wait decades until the next one. In fact, a total solar eclipse is due in 2024, and many people in North America will be able to view it. Here is more about the upcoming event.

It’s Traveling a Different Path

Unlike the eclipse of 2017, the total solar eclipse in 2024 will take a different path. However, parts of the Central United States and the eastern areas of Canada will get to see a total eclipse. There will also be areas in Mexico where you can view totality. Many areas in the United States and Canada will get to see a partial eclipse.

Some US Cities Are Lucky
If you live in these cities in the United States, you should get to view a total eclipse (weather permitting):
Dallas, Texas
Austin, Texas
Buffalo, New York
Rochester, New York
Montreal, Canada
Little Rock, Arkansas
Cleveland, Ohio
Akron, Ohio

These are just some of the cities affected

Don’t Forget about Eclipse Safety

The total solar eclipse of 2024 is safe to look at without approved viewers or glasses. However, it’s only for a short amount of time during the period of totality. To be safe, you should never view solar eclipses without the right kind of eye protection. It’s easy to cause temporary or permanent damage to your eyes from ultraviolet light exposure.

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