What A Florida Lemon Law Attorney Must Know

If you purchase a vehicle in Florida, you do have some protection against defects or “nonconformities” under the state’s lemon law. However, due to the nature of the law, you should consult an attorney to ensure you qualify. In Florida, a lemon law attorney can help you maneuver your way through the specifics enshrined in this complex law.

The Essentials

When contacting a lawyer, be sure, first, s/he understands the basics – specifically whether the vehicle in question conforms to the requirements of this state’s lemon laws – the Motor Vehicle Warranty Enforcement Act. The lawyer should ask the following questions:

  1. Did you rent, lease, or purchase the car?
  2. Is it new, used, or a demonstrator model?
  3. Does it have a defect or currently existing condition, making it inoperable/ difficult to use? What is the specific defect?
  4. When did you first notice the problem? A Florida lemon law lawyer is aware of the time restrictions of this law – within 24 months of purchase or lease.
  5. Is this a vehicle for personal, family, or business use? If it falls within the “business” category, it does not meet the criteria within this state.
  6. Have you returned to the dealer to request repairs? If so, how many times? Does the problem remain? Do you have the paperwork for these visits?
  7. Did you also get in touch with the manufacturer to provide them with legal notice of the problem, hereby presenting them with the last chance to rectify the problem?

If a lawyer does not ask you these specific questions, do not consider him or her a good candidate.

Florida Lemon Law Attorney

A reputable lemon law lawyer asks the right questions. S/he listens to what you have to say. As a result of the answers to such questions and further information, a good Florida lemon law attorney can inform you whether you have a case or not.

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