Wall Storage; The Best Organization for You Garage or Workshop

You go to the garage to retrieve one simple item; paint thinner, a specific size socket, maybe some duct tape. The problem is, it takes you 30 minutes to find it, if you can even find it at all. Your car has been moved to the driveway to make room for other belongings and everything is still a jumbled mess. If this sounds like your situation you are in need of some serious organization. Reclaim your garage today with wall storage solutions.

Hanging Wall Panels

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get everything up off the floor and in an order where you can easily retrieve your items? With customizable wall panels, you can get organized and possibly even get your parking space back. All you need are the wall panels, screws and wall anchors in order to rejuvenate your garage space. Secure your wall panel to your existing wall studs, sort through your belongings and hang them accordingly. It’s as easy 1,2,3. They come in all different kinds of materials, so if you are hanging a considerable amount of weight, you will want to make sure that you choose metal or PVC that is gauged for heavy items. This will protect not only your wall and panel, but your belongings as well.

Why Wall Panels?

When you purchase wall panels you open the door for maximum storage options. You can purchase an array of accessories in order to organize and store everything needed in the space. Have bulky spare tires taking up room? Buy a tire rack! Need shelving? No problem! Are you an adventurist with bikes, kayaks and other sporting gear? You can customize your wall panels with hooks and straps to accommodate even the bulkiest items. Hang your golf clubs, camping gear, lawn care equipment, power tools and anything else you need to find quickly. It will not only clear up that floor space, but provide a visually appealing way to get organized so you can retrieve your items quickly. Wall storage is by far the most innovative way to store and organize your garage or workspace.

Is it Expensive?

The great thing about wall panels is that you don’t have to perform a major garage renovation just to get organized. You can purchase as much or as little as you need for the project at hand. Some websites even have a design center so that you can design your own custom storage solution, so that you can work on it as you see fit.

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