VoIP Telecommunications – Save Money on Long Distance Calls

by | Aug 17, 2010 | Communications

Unlike the earlier days, long distance calling and its cost is not a matter of concern any more. VoIP technology is one of the best ways to make phone calls across the globe. When calling your family or friends worldwide, you can use VoIP technology and save a considerable amount of money.

VoIP is a short form of Voice over Internet Protocol. The VoIP devices are innovative, economical and easy to use. It is best for people who make long distance calls quite often. VoIP technology converts the analogue audio into digital data. Using VoIP technology over the computer, anyone can make long distance phone calls without worrying about the bills.

There are some free VoIP networks available on the internet. All you need to do is simply download the software and start making calls from your computer. However, there might be some limitations on whom you can call using VoIP telecommunication technology. For instance, the person you call must have the same VoIP software that you use.

VoIP Telecommunications – Use your Computer to make Phone Calls

By simply plugging in the analogue telephone line into your computer, you can easily make long distance phone calls using your computer. The software that you use for making VoIP calls will take care of the rest. It structures a modem between the telephone and the computer to allow you make calls using your computer.

VoIP Internet Protocol telephone is another way through which you can connect to the VoIP technology. These phones are similar to conventional phones. The only difference is that they have an Ethernet connection to route calls using a computer.

With VoIP telecommunication technology, you can easily make calls from a PC to phone. All you need is a microphone, VoIP software and a sound card to be able to make long distance phone calls from your computer using VoIP telecommunications technology.



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