Visiting a Hearing Specialist Near Casa Grande, AZ

Over time, our hearing tends to decline. As a result, it’s important to visit a hearing specialist near Casa Grande, AZ, to get your hearing checked as soon as possible. There, you can speak to a professional about setting your appointment for your initial consultation, learn your treatment options, and receive follow-up care. You will also be able to receive the support you need to understand your hearing loss and get fitted with a hearing aid should you need it.

What is Hearing Loss?

Hearing loss can be described as a chronic and long-term condition that degrades your ability to hear sounds. Hearing loss can be anywhere from mild to profound. It can also be a temporary or permanent condition. There are different types of hearing loss. These include conductive hearing loss which occurs in the middle of your ear, sensorineural hearing loss which develops in your inner ear, and mixed hearing loss which is a combination of the two. Regardless of what type of hearing loss you think you may have, it is important to visit a hearing specialist near Casa Grande AZ, who can diagnose the type of hearing loss that you have.

Different Degrees of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can occur in a variety of different degrees, ranging from mild, which is characterized by being unable to hear soft sounds or having difficulty understanding speech clearly in noisy environments, to profound, where communication without a hearing instrument is impossible. Hearing loss can also be considered moderate or severe.

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