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Valuable Employee Moving Services in New Orleans

Moving your employee to another location can be exciting for both you and the worker; the employee gets the chance to expand his or her horizons career-wise, and you get the chance to see a quality employee take on new responsibilities at your company. However, the transition can start off rocky if you hire a subpar moving company to handle the relocation process. A few tips provided below can help you look for a suitable employee moving company in New Orleans.

Your employee can benefit from both short-term and long-term storage offered by experts in employee moving. New Orleans movers can provide short-term storage for your worker if he or she needs a place to store household goods while waiting to gain access to his or her new home. This may be necessary if, for instance, an employee has already sold his house but is waiting to close on the new home he is purchasing. Long-term storage can also prove beneficial for individuals who lack adequate space at their residences to hold all of their valuable items.

Employee movers also offer convenient utility connection services. In fact, a moving company may be able to take care of all of the essentials for you – including your phone, Internet, television, gas and electric services – by teaming up with reputable service providers. All you would have to do is make a call to the moving company, and the mover would contact the service providers on your behalf and handle everything for you.

Other Services
Additional services offered by employee moving companies include decluttering, staging and organizing. This is an extremely valuable service for an employee who wants to get his or her house ready to go on the market. Without decluttering and staging, a home may end up looking messy, crowded and unattractive to would-be buyers, thus making it difficult to unload the house in a decent timeframe.

A moving company may also help your employee to select a Realtor and come up with an effective home marketing plan. Other value-added services for employees include mortgage assistance, temporary living assistance and even cash-back reimbursement on home purchases and home sales. With help from the right company, your employee’s upcoming move can be a success for both you and your worker.

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