Using Wall Growth Charts to Track Child Growth

Young children always seem to be in a hurry to grow up. For parents, that time can really fly, making it difficult to remember when their children were small. One of the best ways to show your child he is really growing and remember the milestones yourself is with wall growth charts. These charts are an easy way to track your child’s growth through the years to cherish for years to come.

Fun Designs

While many people over the years have marked their child’s growth on a door frame or wall inside their home, this method was plain and didn’t offer a lot of fun. If you are renting, it isn’t even possible. When you choose growth charts that are wall decals, you will be able to choose from a variety of fun designs. These designs can match the décor you have chosen for your child’s room or reflect something your child likes.

Watch His Growth

When you choose wall growth charts for your child, you will be able to track his growth throughout the years, from the time he is born to the time he stops allowing you to measure him. This will allow you to track your child’s growth for a variety of purposes. While most parents track their child’s growth for their own enjoyment, there are others who need to know if their child is growing as he should. No matter what the purpose, wall charts can be one of the easiest ways to track growth.


Once you choose the growth chart, you need to find the best place to put it. For many people, hanging it in the child’s bedroom can be one of the best locations. This is especially true if the décor of the room matches the chart you choose. Some of the other common areas in which you can hang this chart include the kitchen, bathroom or even the hallway. Any place you can proudly display the chart can be the perfect location.

Children grow far too quickly. If you are the type of parent who likes to keep track of your child’s growth, whether for your own purposes, as a keepsake or to monitor health issues, wall growth charts can be the best option. These charts come in a variety of fun designs and can move with you if you aren’t staying in your current home. They can be hung just about anywhere within the home so you can easily keep track of how much your child grows every year.

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