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Using A Criminal Law Lawyer To Receive A Lighter Sentence

When someone is arrested under the assumption they had committed a robbery, they will most likely hire a Criminal Law Lawyer to help in minimizing their sentence. A person who did not commit the crime, or who received a high fine with extended jail time, will want to fight charges in an attempt to convince a jury that they were not guilty of the crime they are being accused of. Here are some tips one can use to try to win their case when it is evaluated in a court room.

Hiring An Attorney Promptly

It is best to call an attorney as soon as possible. They will then be able to assess the situation and devise a plan in showing evidence to a judge and jury to minimize sentencing. The attorney will work on behalf of the accused in obtaining information to be used as evidence if necessary.

Gathering Evidence To Bring To Court

Evidence will be necessary to overrule a charge. If the person was not directly involved in the robbery, or if they were not in the area at all, there may be someone available to speak on their behalf to prove this. ATM receipts, GPS records, phone call logs, text messages, online activity, and surveillance videos will help in proving someone’s whereabouts if necessary.

Keeping A Positive Demeanor

It is important that the person accused of the robbery does their best to maintain a positive attitude in the courtroom. If they are loud or act angry about the incident, this will be a reflection of their personality that may put them in an unfavorable position. Listening to questions and answering them truthfully will be helpful. It is also best to stay away from undesired places and people during the time before the court case. Being a good citizen during this time can be helpful to a case as well.

If someone needs to find a Criminal Law Lawyer to help with a robbery case, they will want to hire someone with experience and professionalism. Give Addair Thurston Chtd. a call to find out more about services offered if desired. You can also follow them on Twitter for more information.

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