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Understanding Carriage Style Garage Doors in Chester County

Has the garage door ever woke you up? If so, it may be time for a new door. Modern garage doors are quiet and move smoothly. A late response to the opener is another sign of trouble. The door should open within two seconds of pushing the remote. Likewise, malfunctioning garage doors start to hesitate when they open and close. Of course, some doors simply look bad when they are older. Visit Smoker Door Sales to shop for a new door.

Carriage Style Garage Doors in Chester County have always been popular. This door is made to look like a traditional carriage house door. The carriage house was a building that housed horse-drawn carriages. The doors were charming and made of wood. The same look is available today. Carriage-house style garage doors are made from different woods. Available woods include redwood, fir, cedar and meranti. Further, this type of garage door comes with traditional windows and hardware.

One of the newest features of garage doors is insulation. Indeed, doors are being manufactured with five layers plus insulation. Many homeowners are unaware that heat is lost through the garage door. Also, individuals will be warmer if they have workshops in the garage. Individuals with modern homes prefer aluminum and glass doors. These doors are very durable and rust-proof. In addition, the door comes in a solid style or with windows. One of the most popular garage doors is the steel version. Steel offers the most options for the consumer. They come in several designs and price options. Further, steel doors can be insulated.

Consumers must also choose between a chain drive or belt drive opener. Most homes have chain-drive models because they are widely available in stores. Likewise, they are less expensive than belt-drive openers. On the other hand, belt-drive systems cost more but they are quieter. Chain-drive garage doors are louder because they bounce when opened or closed. The bounce in chain-drives is also the reason they open a few seconds slower than belt-drives. Homeowners with a Carriage Style Garage Door in Chester County will need a chain-drive. That is because chain-drives are recommended for heavier wooden and insulated doors. Shop around for a door that complements your home.

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