Uncover Your Beautiful Smile With the Cosmetic Dentist in Keizer OR

Beautiful smiles give people confidence and help them feel better about their appearance. When a person’s smile is dull and discolored, it will not look as beautiful as a smile with bright pearly whites. Thankfully, no one has to be stuck with discolored teeth. With the latest whitening treatments available from the cosmetic dentist in Keizer OR, individuals can overcome staining and have the gorgeous smiles they long for.

The cosmetic dentist in Keizer OR will first need to examine a patient’s teeth to make sure they are a good candidate for teeth whitening. The teeth need to be fairly healthy with no signs of infection or untreated tooth decay. The gum tissue also needs to be healthy. Those with gum disease will not be considered a good candidate until their condition has been properly managed and brought under control.

Whitening treatments are applied to teeth that have first been carefully cleaned to remove all substances that would interfere with the absorption of the whitening gel. The gel contains a type of peroxide, either carbamide or hydrogen and the type used will depend on the level of staining a patient suffers from. Pronounced staining is often treated with hydrogen peroxide gel since it offers the strongest level of bleaching action.

Each treatment lasts about an hour and a light is used to better facilitate the whitening ability of the gel. The dentist may check the results at timed intervals to see how the teeth are responding. As treatment progresses, an individual will be able to lighten their teeth up to ten shades lighter.

Some people will get the results they desire after a single treatment while some patients may need more than one. On top of in-office treatments, the dentist can give patients whitening trays to use at home so they can continue to improve their results.

If you are tired of having a lackluster smile and wish your teeth were whiter, the dentist can help. Contact Riverfront Dental LLC and allow them to schedule your teeth whitening appointment so your beautiful smile can be uncovered. With a whitening treatment, you will be amazed at the beauty of your smile.

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