Types and uses of Bus

by | Nov 9, 2011 | Automotive

A bus is one of the most popular forms of public transportation designed to carry passengers. Buses are the most widely used form of public transportation, although they are also used in tourism and as private transport. A bus is also known as or omnibus or autobus since the word bus is derived from the word omnibus means ‘for all’. Buses are for everyone to use including students, workers, tourists. It enables people get to and from their destination each and every day.  Generally, a bus can accommodate 8 to 200 passengers.

Buses, in generally are fitted with a diesel engine. There are all kinds of different buses for different uses ranging from school buses to public buses to tour buses to coach buses. However, the most common design of bus is the single-decker bus for carrying medium load, double-decker buses for carrying larger loads. Articulated buses, midibuses and minibuses carry smaller loads. There also luxurious buses known as coaches designed for comfortable or longer-distance travel and are often fitted with passenger comforts like reclining seats, hand luggage storage, a toilet, and audio-visual entertainment systems.

There are many other types of buses including a trolleybus which is an electrically powered bus that utilizes power from overhead lines. These buses are solely used for public transport. A tram or tramcars are another type of a public transport bus that is used to transfer people back and forth in a large parking lot, such as an airport or a theme park.

One of the major uses of a bus is for the transport of the general public as a public service. These public buses, also known as transit buses are designed keeping in mind, public utility and comfort ability. These buses often have multiple doors and specific features with utilitarian fittings designed for efficient movement of large numbers of people. A more comfortable type of a transit bus is a dual purpose bus with coach style higher backed comfortable seats, used on longer distance routes. Public buses can be publicly or privately owned and operated.

Buses are also extensively used in the tourism industry. These tour buses can be open-top buses as well as a regular bus or coach and enable tourists to view local attractions or scenery. A tour guide is often a part of tour buses who carries out the commentary for all the sightseeing. Buses are also used for advertising usually as interior and exterior adverts, political campaigning, public information campaigns, public relations or promotional use.



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