Utility And Advantages Of Lot Codes And Who Can Provide The Best

by | Dec 28, 2011 | Business

Manufacturers of any type of products are required to lot code their batches of products. These codes help in tracking the products better. In fact it is legally necessary for goods manufacturers to perform this kind of coding on their product packages. In case of any problem which requires a manufacturer’s product to be tracked, this coding system will help in doing so conveniently.

Lot coding ensures the products can be easily tracked helping business to run smoothly. This type of coding is important for manufacturers and is very simple to understand and implement. In addition to that, this method involves inexpensive equipments as well. Thus, if you are into manufacturing goods, you should take up the practice of lot coding. This will help you in managing the products in an easier and convenient way. In case of customer complaints or queries, you can ask for this code and cross-check and identify which lot the product belonged to. If there is need for recall, this code can help in tracking the defective products and the consumers those products went to.

Every batch which is produced by you is part of a lot. In lot coding each product of a particular batch is marked using a code. This code is an indicator of the batch the product came from. Lot codes can generally be seen on food products and at the bottom of electronic goods. All leading manufacturers practice lot coding, in fact, in some cases selling products without lot coding is illegal.

To print lot codes, there are lot coding machines available. These machines print the code on the product package neatly without any fuzziness. Thus, you get a nice and clean code printed on the product. There are a number of dealers who sell coding and marking machines of different kinds. Reputable dealers have the best range of equipments available with them. These machines are capable of eliminating all human errors which manual lot coding causes. They have coding machines which serve the purpose of various application requirements. The various products and surfaces of their packages which can be coded easily using this system include foam, blister packs, bread bags. Diapers, wipes, products with metal surfaces and metalized foils, plastic, lumber, PVC and so on.

In addition to lot code systems, reputable companies offer other coding and marking systems and accessories as well. These include inkjet coders, case coders, metal markers, variable data printing equipment, case sealers and so on.

If you are looking for an excellent quality lot code equipment for your products, Superior Case Coding is the best you should trust!

Lot Codes

Lot Codes

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