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Total Body Health and Wellness Clinic Offering Hormone Replacement Therapy in Louisville, KY

As people age, the level of hormones produced by the human body diminishes dramatically. The drop in hormones can wreak havoc on an individual mentally and physically. There are many options for Hormone Replacement Therapy in Louisville KY. Many people feel relief when they seek medical guidance for maintaining their hormone levels. Medical professionals work under the belief that keeping hormones stable as we age benefits patients in continuing the path to overall wellness.

Women and Men as well will experience a drop in their hormone levels when they reach a certain age. These levels will continue to fall the older they get, monitoring their hormone levels regularly when a person starts to experience these changes can help to reduce the side effects that can occur. Loss of hormones can cause people to feel lethargic, moody, and increase skin abnormalities. Recent studies have shown that looking into Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is more beneficial than once believed.

Medical facilities that offer Hormone Replacement Therapy in Louisville KY strive to help keep a person balanced and work to manage the symptoms of dropping hormone levels. In recent years, it has been found that starting an HRT regimen can reduce the risk of heart disease in men and women and keep people feeling more energetic than those who do not go on HRT replacements. Sleep improves with therapy; women experience fewer episodes of hot flashes that can prevent restfully sleeping through the night. The lack of estrogen and progestin can cause the muscles of the pelvic floor to weaken and lead to prolapse.

Leading to yet another benefit of HRT, keeping hormones stable can improve muscle strength and maintain a person’s libido. InShapeMD will help patients maintain and start a proper Hormone Replacement Therapy to keep them balanced and healthy. They offer the latest in techniques to manage all levels of hormone loss and will assist in counteracting the effects that have already started. They offer weight loss management, anti-aging care, and nutrition specialists to help clients maintain overall health. They focus on health and wellness, not just the illness. To experience all they have to offer, browse the website  or call to schedule an appointment with one of the doctors today.

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