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Top Tips for Buying 1955-1966 Thunderbird Parts Online

Shopping online for 1955-66 Thunderbird parts is frustrating at best. Trying to find the part you want that is in top-notch condition is difficult at best. Here are some useful tips to follow when purchasing any car parts online.

You Are the Expert

The worst thing you can do is rely on the person selling the part to be an expert on Thunderbird parts. You must know what part is necessary for your car restoration project. Before purchasing anything online, make sure you have done your research to know it is the exact fit for your vehicle. When talking with private sellers, ask for the part number or any other identifying feature on the part so you can do the basic research before purchasing it.

Always Look at Photos

Some sellers will include a single photo of the item they are selling, while others won’t include any. To get the best idea of the part you are purchasing, you want to view as many photos as possible. Ask the seller to provide you with angles from every direction and close up of certain areas if necessary. If the seller isn’t willing to take more photos at your request, it’s not a good idea to do business with them.

Buying Used or a Reproduction

Never buy the first part you come across in your search. It might be tempting to purchase a used part, but that is not always the most cost-effective option. Before committing to a used car part purchase, check restoration companies’ websites for their reproduction replacement costs. You might be surprised by the results.

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