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Top Reasons to Hire an Artwork Shipping Company in Los Angeles to Ship Your Art

Whether you’re moving your art collection across town or across the state, it’s important to note that unlike clothes or household items present challenges that are usually beyond the scope of the ordinary mover to handle. With that in mind, read on below for a few of the top reasons you should hire an artwork shipping company in Los Angeles to taking care of shipping your valuable art.

The Protective Packing for the Move

If you own art, then you already know how fragile it is. You can’t just toss a piece of art in a box and move it from one house to the other. A professional artwork shipping company in Los Angeles will have the materials and protective packing needed to ensure that your art is safe and sound during the move. The professionals also have specific strategies for protecting your art during the move as well.

Theft and Protection Assurance During the Move

Anyone who owns valuable art will tell you that you worry about it being stolen during a move. Make sure to ask the art shipping company you choose about theft and protection insurance for your move. If you move the art yourself, you have no insurance or guarantee against theft while it is being transported, with the professionals you do.

Pre-Planning for Installation

Not all walls are created equal and you want your art showcased in the brightest light possible. It is extremely important to know that your art can safely hang on the wall you intend to hang it on. The professionals can take care of that worry for you.

These are just a few of the top reasons that you should have your art shipped professionally. For more information, contact the professionals at Art Pack for help.

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