Should I Photograph or Video the Solar Eclipse?

Should you decide to photograph the American solar eclipse, you will probably miss most the live transition because you will be too busy trying to take photographs. The better option is to video the eclipse and sit back and observe with your solar eclipse viewer so that you can watch the entire sequence with your eyes safely protected.

Photographs May Depend Upon Your Location

The American solar eclipse in 2017 will pass across your eyes during an approximate period of anything between 20 seconds and 2 minutes. You may not get another chance in your lifetime to view a total eclipse of the sun. Should you decide to try and take photographs during those few seconds, you may be concentrating too much on trying to achieve great photographs that you miss the actual eclipse.

Setting up a video camera is a better option. You can press to record just before the eclipse begins, place your safety solar eclipse viewer over your eyes and watch the entire process, taking in the complete awesomeness of the spectacular occasion and after it is finished, turn your video camera off and watch it again as many times as you choose.

Placing the video camera on a tripod will ensure that you create a steady video. Do not forget to charge your battery well before the due time as this is not the time to run out of power.

When you choose to use your smartphone to video the solar eclipse, you may not expect great results, but you will have recorded a sensational event and watched it through your solar eclipse viewer safely.

Be aware that some smartphones and video cameras automatically stop working when nothing has happened for a set period. You can usually override this facility before the solar eclipse begins.

The most important aspect about deciding whether to photograph or video the solar eclipse is to make sure that you can watch the entire solar eclipse with your own eyes and through a safe solar eclipse viewer because you may never see another one in your generation.

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