Tips for Successful and Long-Term Vehicle Storage

Whether you are storing an old school vehicle for the rest of the year or storing a vehicle during deployment, it’s not as simple as parking it in someone’s driveway or in a relative’s driveway. If you’d like to come back to a fully functional vehicle, there are a just a few simple things that you’ll want to do. Chicago vehicle storage has it all for you.

Clean the Vehicle Thoroughly

The most obvious thing that is most often overlooked is taking the time to clean the vehicle in and out. This would be a great time to get the vehicle professionally detailed. The reason for this is that any moisture or bird droppings left on the vehicle can damage the paint. You also want to make sure that there’s no moisture or trash inside of the car because you may come home to some unpleasant odors there to greet you.

Top Off the Fluids

Although it may seem wasteful, you want to make sure all the fluids are full, including the gas tank. If the tank is sitting there half full, there is room for water condensation to build up inside of the gas tank. This water will eventually mix with the fuel itself. A dry reservoir will also cause the seals to dry out and weaken.

Store the Car Inside

It is best to store the vehicle inside of a controlled climate. This is most easily achieved by renting car storage units in Chicago. A controlled climate is good for the vehicle structurally and mechanically. Storing the car on the inside also ensures that your car doesn’t become home to critters that will end up ruining your ride.

If you are looking for reliable and safe car storage units in Chicago, check out Alpha Garage Storage. They offer many different types of units of every size. They’ll discuss the best options available for your needs.

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