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Requirements to Organise Medical Camps in India

Doctors hold medical camps to provide treatments and checkups to the underprivileged. There is a large section of the community that is unable to visit hospitals and nursing homes for treatment. Moreover, they do not have the monetary support to pay for getting injections or x rays done. This is why several NGOs arrange for medical camps India in different places so that these people get access to medicines and doctors. Being rightly treated is a fundamental right for every human being, but some are deprived of this unfortunately. Planning a medical camp is definitely a noble thought, but one needs to keep the following arrangements within the camp to make it a success:

  • Common equipment like stethoscopes, thermometers, sterile pads, gauze, bandages, surgical gloves and such other things must be in store.
  • Doctors will require prescription pads right on the table. Therefore, a bunch of stationery items must be kept in handy in medical camps India.
  • Apart from doctors and nurses, lab assistants, dieticians and physiotherapists must also be present to address the query of people.
  • It is a good idea to have educational posters about HIV, cancer, mother and child health, polio, etc. in different parts of the camp.

A successful medical camp requires logistics support. At these camps, doctors mostly perform an overall checkup of the vital organs. Besides financial resources, security for crowd management must also be arranged. It should be remembered that medical camps India are not only for free checkups but also for providing health information to all. Healthcare is a basic right and medical camps are a great way to provide that to the underprivileged.

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