Tips for Purchasing the Right Post Surgery Bras for You

Bras, in general, play an important role in a woman’s day-to-day life. This undergarment can make or break an outfit. Moreover, the support that it lends to the wearer makes every task more comfortable.

It is very important to find a bra that fits perfectly. Too tight, too loose, painful and uncomfortable underwear can dampen any woman’s day. Needless to say, it is all the more important to have sturdy post surgery bras.

After undergoing the physical trauma of breast related surgeries like mastectomy, reduction, augmentation or lumpectomy, a woman’s chest needs all the more support and comfort. So what should one look for in a post-surgery bra?

Ditch the Underwire

It is common knowledge for women that underwire can be very uncomfortable. The steel wires dig into the skin in order to prop up the breasts. After surgery, you really do not want the stitches and bruising to be exposed to external pressure. The pressure might induce further bleeding. It is best to choose a bra that offers support without wires.

Opt for Front-Fastening

Stitches anywhere in the body can easily be unspooled given any abrupt movement. Even unfastening a bra from the back might be a little bit too much pressure for the stitches. In this case, it is ideal to purchase front-fastening post surgery bras. Not only is it more comfortable but it also provides an easy means to get in and out of the undergarment.
As Much As Possible, Get the Softest Fabric

The softest fabric is not always the prettiest. While it is tempting to buy the most beautiful and luxurious undergarment, post op is simply not the time to indulge your feminine wiles. Soft fabric offers ample support without the pain and itch of lace and other materials.

Look for Support, Comfort, and Space

After surgery, a woman’s chest can grow in size due to the swelling. The chest can also be tender and painful at times. A good and dependable post-surgery bra is able to account for the swelling.

Breast-related surgeries, no matter if cosmetic, are still invasive procedures. Needless to say, taking care of your delicate body should be of utmost importance following an operation.

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