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Tips For Decorating Your Apartment at Purdue University With Roommates

It is always fun to decorate your off campus housing at Purdue University, but you need to be considerate of your roommates when decorating the apartment. Luckily, there are ways to decorate without upsetting or irritating your roommates. Start decorating your student apartment with roommates by checking out the following tips.

Compromise on Decorating

It is very important to compromise with your roommates before decorating your student apartment. Your roommates may want to leave the kitchen neutral, but they may not mind decorating the living room for the season. You also need to discuss what type of decor to use and when to start decorating. If you cannot reach an agreement, focus on decorating your bedroom and bathroom.

Rotate Your Seasonal Decor

Another way to decorate your off campus housing at Purdue University is to rotate your seasonal decor per roommate. For example, you may choose the decor for fall, but another roommate chooses the winter decor. You can also rotate who decorates a certain space per season, such as one roommate decorating the kitchen and another roommate decorating the living room for fall.

Shop For Decor Together

You may be able to get everyone excited to decorate the apartment by shopping for decor together. It is a great way to bond and get to know your roommates better. Your group may even come across non-seasonal decor that works for your apartment. Of course, you also want to take the time to decorate the apartment together.

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