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Tips For Choosing welded threaded stud

One of the benefits of working with a company that produces weld studs and stud weld equipment and tools is that you will have the best possible selection of materials and devices. General contractors or even some of the suppliers catering to the general construction industry will typically only be acting as the retailers, offering standard inventory and sizes.

When working directly with a specialized stud welding equipment and materials, you always have the option to choose from standard sizes of welded threaded stud. These are the most commonly used threaded studs, and they will work for the vast majority of projects and applications. However, they are not always the right match for everything needed and working with specialized companies allows for customization of fasteners for your needs.

Pitch Diameter

When shear is a factor in the design or construction, option for pitch diameter welded threaded stud is the best option. The pitch diameter stud has a base that is slightly larger than that of a full thread stud.

It is important to remember that the pitch diameter stud is not fully threaded. There is an area on the stud that is not threaded. Typically in most applications, this area will be covered, but this will depend on your project.

Full Thread

As implied by the name, the full thread studs have threads the entire length of the fastener. As they do not have any unthreaded area, they are very easy to use and do not need special consideration or a mating part as a component of the application.

You will find both of these types of welded threaded stud used in many different applications from large to small. Most suppliers will provide a good variation in overall length with most suppliers considering anything over three inches as a custom order, but this can depend on the manufacturer and the industries they serve.

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