Tips for Choosing Kids’ Clothing Labels

Labeling your child’s clothing reduces their chances of forgetting what belongs to them and gives you peace of mind. However, finding the best kids’ clothing labels can be challenging. The following tips will help you choose the ideal labels to meet your needs and budget.


Kids love things customized with their names and other features they love. As you shop for kids’ clothing labels, you’ll find many options, allowing you to find a design that reflects your child’s personality or shows something they like. Once you find the right design, you should be able to customize the labels with their name and any other information you want to include, such as an address.

Ease of Use

Another critical element of the right kids’ clothing labels is how easy they are to apply. Previously, your options were sew-in or iron-on labels that could be challenging to use. Today, stick-on labels are growing in popularity. These stickers use a strong adhesive to adhere to clothing and stay in place, even when washed repeatedly.


When choosing kids’ clothing labels, durability is another essential factor. While children outgrow clothing quickly, you want any tags to last as long as your child uses the item. Stick-on kids’ clothing labels should include vibrant, durable printing that stands up to washing and adhesive that holds well. Durable clothing labels will give you confidence that your child can always identify their belongings.

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