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Three Upsides to Using Contingent Workforce Solutions in San Diego

Most people who work are salaried employees of a company, whether it be for full-time or part-time work. Employees are more expensive to hire and employ than their independent contractor counterparts since the company will need to provide salaried workers with items such as medical insurance, retirement benefits and paid time off. In contrast, independent contractors can be let go without severance packages and will not need to be provided with any other benefits. There are many advantages when you choose to employ a non-permanent, as-needed workforce, some of the most important of which are found below.

The Hiring Process Doesn’t Have to Be as Intensive

When searching for new employees, employers have to thoroughly vet them to make sure they won’t land their operations in hot water. After all, employees are effectively extensions of the businesses they work for and represent them to the fullest. The hiring process for contingent workforce solutions members is infinitely shorter and less costly due to the fact that they have less legal association with the entities that employ them.

Businesses Pay Fewer Government-Mandated Costs

One significant type of savings that businesses can enjoy when they choose contingent workforces is not having to pay in to Social Security. Another includes not having to fund protection for workers’ dismissal.

Increased Workforce-Wide Competition and Performance

When new workers are freshly hired, existing employees are likely to step up their performance to show their employers that hiring new personnel was an unnecessary measure when existing staff workers are more than up to the task. In the end, the more competition, the better a business performs.

We Are the Customized Contingent Workforce Solutions Provider

For a fully customized experience when it comes to contingent workforce solutions in San Diego, visit Innovative Employee Solutions to learn more about our many services and what we can do for your company.

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