Three Things You Can Do with Your Diamond When it is Getting Old

They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But, when you have owned the same diamonds for an extended period, you may wonder if there is something else you can do with them. It should be no secret that diamond buyers in Chicago are professionals who are eager to take a look at what you own because they have options at their disposal, too.

When you believe that it may be time to part with your gems, here are three things you can do with them.

Change the Style

Maybe you need to make the diamonds feel new. Depending on the current size of your rocks, professionals may be able to change the shape. If one is currently pear-shaped, experts can make it round, for example. You can consult with jewelers in person as well as online. If you take the online route, most likely you will be asked to fill out a form and submit some pictures. In-person, just present the gems. It is OK to get creative. Jewelers take pride in being able to deliver customized products to their clients.


You may also consider upgrading your diamonds. If this is your route, you have to know the value of your gems first. Using the GIA standard, consult with professionals who can tell you what they are worth on that day. This gives you leverage toward your upgrade because you want the biggest return on your valuables.

Trade it in

Another option is to trade-in your diamonds. For this route, you also have to know the value of your gems first. Think of it as a down payment toward your next stone. If you would like to go bigger, brighter or more intricate, you can.

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