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Three Corporate Award Ideas and Tips to Crafting Them in Phoenix

It can be challenging finding the right corporate awards in Phoenix. Traditional models exist, but specialty award companies can create custom plaques and trophies. For smaller events or recognitions, consider decorative vases.


Manufacturers can make these statement pieces of acrylic, glass, and crystal. If you want something darker, designers also use marble, wood, and metal. Corporations can choose from tear-shaped or flamed glass and crystal trophies. Stand-style trophies allow companies to put a star, stone, or diamond on the top. Diamond and square clear trophies highlight employee milestones and retirement.


A wooden plaque with a bronze finish will last a lifetime. If you want to put a notable figure from the company or a logo on the plaque, you can submit a high-quality image or a vector graphic. A design team can turn the photo into a standout replica. Award manufacturers make desktop glass plaques, and you can have them engraved with names, dates, or corporate milestones. These are available in squares and arches.


A vase makes for a unique and multipurpose award. The pieces are available in acrylic, crystalline, and crystal. Engravers can put anything on them, and they are crafted in various styles. A flair vase has a wide top. A Galina vase sits on a thick square slab, and a victor’s cup is similar to the Galina, but the base is taller. Victor’s cup vases can be almost a foot tall. The vases are available in crystal clear, cobalt blue, and amethyst. For more information on corporate awards in Phoenix, contact Work Hard Play Hard Marketing at

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