Three Compelling Reasons To Consider Inquiring With Periodontists Near Hyde Park About Dental Implants

Many dental patients find themselves having to face the unfortunate situation of losing a tooth. Although this is sometimes due to a sudden injury, there are a good number of people who simply allow their oral health to decline to the point where periodontal disease sets in and the resulting decay causes tooth loss. Although the ideal situation would be to consult a periodontist before this happens, the good news is that the same periodontist who treats gum disease can also help patients who have lost a tooth because of it. Once the gum disease has been corrected, here’s why those with missing teeth should consider speaking to their periodontist about using dental implants as a tooth replacement solution:

Periodontists Near Hyde Park

Recommend dental implants to patients who have lost a tooth because it is one of the only tooth replacement solutions that will actually help improve a person’s oral health. After patients lose their teeth, their jawbone begins to deteriorate in that area because it is no longer receiving daily stimulation. Dental implants solve this issue because they are attached directly to the bone, which means the bone is stimulated during chewing.

Dental implants don’t require extensive or painful alterations to a patient’s remaining healthy teeth. If a patient opts for dentures, they’ll likely have to remove one or more teeth. Dental bridges require shaving down the two adjacent teeth where they’ll be affixed. Dental implants, on the other hand, can be placed without the need for any of these types of procedures.

Patients who choose to have Periodontists near Hyde Park place their implants are often very happy with the natural look and feel of their smile. With dental implants, there is no visible hardware to worry about, and there are never any concerns about the prosthesis sliding around in the mouth. Implants are comfortable and look just like the patient’s other natural teeth.

It’s always a good idea for patients who may be developing symptoms of gum disease to consider seeing a periodontist for help. However if the patient has already lost a tooth because of advanced gum disease, it’s vital that they understand that all hope is not lost. Get in touch with South Loop Dental Specialists to learn more about the power that dental implants have to help patients reclaim their oral health and once again have a bright, beautiful smile.

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