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Three Barriers to Dental Care for the LGBT Community in Boystown, IL

Seeing a dentist twice a year is important for not only your dental health but also your cardiovascular health and mental well-being. However, many members of the LGBT community lack adequate dental care. Here are three of the most common barriers to dental care for the LGBT community.

Prejudice and Discrimination

Many LGBT people avoid the dentist due to past experiences with discrimination and prejudice from healthcare providers. You can find a supportive dentist by using an online directory of LGBT-friendly providers, asking the practice about their views and polices or choosing a provider who is part of the community, such as a gay dentist in Boystown.

Lack of Resources

A common reason for neglected dental care in younger LGBT patients is a lack of financial resources. These patients are often vulnerable because they have strained relationships with their families and can’t rely on them for health insurance or financial support.

Inadequate Care

Even supportive dentists may have difficulty addressing the specific needs of their LGBT patients without the proper education and training. Choosing a provider who is experienced with the LGBT community or a gay dentist in Boystown can help you get all your dental care needs met.

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